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•   Jeannie Jackson (Leininger)  4/11
•   Ferial Hindawi (Hurst)  4/2
•   Andrea Keefe (Smutz)  3/30
•   Dian Rosenfield (Robinson)  3/11
•   Steven Clayton  2/21
•   Stephen Peck  1/31
•   Charles Shafer  1/21
•   Melvin (Mel) Chudnof  1/20
•   Kathryn (Kasha) Berger (Rogovy)  1/20
•   Marian Waldman (Orringer)  1/20
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•   Robert L Clippard  2023
•   Jeff Wagner -An Earlier Classmate  2023
•   Michele Pinales (Bartel)  2023
•   Wally Mangus  2023
•   Robert Schulzinger  2022
•   Marilynn Zwerin (Squire)  2022
•   Sandra Smart (Kimbrell)  2022
•   Barbara (Bobbie) Klein  2020
•   Ellen Fogel (Leeds)  2021
•   Howard Snyder  2021
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11 live in Arizona
2 live in Arkansas
23 live in California
8 live in Colorado
1 lives in Connecticut
1 lives in Delaware
1 lives in District Of Columbia
39 live in Florida
4 live in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
4 live in Illinois
9 live in Indiana
1 lives in Kansas
6 live in Kentucky
3 live in Louisiana
1 lives in Maine
6 live in Maryland
3 live in Massachusetts
3 live in Michigan
1 lives in Mississippi
1 lives in Montana
1 lives in Nevada
1 lives in New Hampshire
4 live in New Mexico
7 live in New York
1 lives in North Carolina
158 live in Ohio
1 lives in Oklahoma
6 live in Pennsylvania
5 live in South Carolina
2 live in Tennessee
7 live in Texas
1 lives in Utah
1 lives in Vermont
3 live in Virginia
2 live in Washington
1 lives in Mexico
1 lives in Switzerland
154 location unknown
111 are deceased


•   Gail Sander (Zimmer)  6/2
•   Marjorie Rice (Kneer)  6/3
•   Chuck Johnson WHS '65  6/5
•   Jamilla (Jill) Gibson (Bell)  6/12
•   Russell Bucciere  6/16
•   Ronald Kellerman  6/16
•   Raymond Elman  6/20
•   Joe Goldberg  6/25
•   Howard Richshafer  6/27
•   Wm Timothy Allred  6/28
•   Marilyn Richards (Hulick)  6/30


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 47.6%

A:   234   Joined
B:   258   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


This is more a question than an announcement. I was surprised to see Arlene listed as deceased at so young an age, though I knew she had had a difficult life. I tried to find out specifics, but was unsuccessful and was wondering if anyone of you have any additional information. As we all get older, it is sad to see more and more in memory comments each year :(

You can send me a personal email if you click on my Profile.

Thanks, Nancy Cohen Teed

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     The Class of 1963's Web Site



      Woodward High School

              Cincinnati, Ohio



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If you are a member of the WHS Class of 1963, please join with your classmates and create a Classmate Profile on this web site. To do so, simply click on the "Classmate Profiles" tab (top menu) and scan down the list until you find your name. Then, click on your name and follow the instructions. Welcome!


Here we go again......our 70th. Birthday Party, August 8, 2015. The party-goers:

Vic Duncanson was the grand prize winner in the Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Bulldog game.

Pete Rosenwald

Kathy Moore Weimann

Tom Ballard

Vic Duncanson

Skip Pressler

Ed Hattenbach

Julie Selman Rothenbush

Howard Kemp

Ann Tenbosch Asher

Sam Siegel

Charles Levinthal

Janis Campbell Kussmaul

Doris Freeman Pfeffer

Marian Waldman Orringer

Joann Deskins Osborn

Nancy Kappler Krueger

Jean Oppenheimer Simmons

Dianne Medlen Kostelny

Cheryl Lory Gapinski

Mary McPherson Shea

Christine Tilford

Clifford 'Jay' Huber

Randy Sandler

Mary Jane Sanders Bogart

Patti Yoelson Wise

Judy Kabakoff Shaffer

Marvin Polinsky

Barbara Hoffmann

Patricia Thompson Clore

Lawrence Murray

Barry Simon

Barry Berman

Larry Zakem

Mendy Fisher

Nancy Daiker

Jeff Kondritzer

Arthur Bush

Kathy Morgan Smith

Gail Sander Zimmer

Thom Hoffman

Carl Freese

Richard Appel 

David Stoffregen

Neal Simon




 Our 50th. Reunion, August, 2013

Many from the WHS Class of 1963 with their guests attended our once-in-a-lifetime 50th. reunion on August 23 and 24, 2013. All agreed it was a tremendous success. It seemed as if our class was really ready for a reunion! The atmosphere was just the way the reunion committee hoped it would be: with lots of hugs, laughter, animated conversations, and outright glee at seeing each other again amidst a comfortable setting with lots of good food and 60's music.

Remarkably, the 50 years since many of us last saw each other evaporated. We were teenagers again, singing the WHS Fight Song, the 1963 Showcase Finale, and along with the choir, our Alma Mater. Lots of tears!! Many thanks to the Reunion Choir and Reunion Band for making the evening very special!


Did you take pictures at our reunion and would like to share them? Why not post them on your Classmate Profile? Send a message, via the "Contact Us" tab; and your name will be posted on the Home Page so others know to access your profile. We would all enjoy seeing your pictures! And, thank you! (Please see below.) 


Check out these Classmate Profiles for reunion/school pictures:

Judy McCarty Kuhn 

Tom Ballard

Mendy Fisher


50th. Reunion Attendees:

William Ackerman

Tim Allred

Richard Appel

Kip Backscheider

Tom Ballard

Lynn Barnaby Wheeler

Jean Barrett Poyton

Sue Bierman Matus

Arthur Bush

Michael Cable

Janis Campbell Kussmaul

Mel Chudnof

Louise Cohen Wolf

Nancy Cohen Teed

Patty Cole Niebling

Chuck Collova

Richard Cornelius

Larry Curtis

Nancy Daiker

David Danner

Brad Distel

Victor Duncanson

John Duning

Michael Elkus

Ray Elman

Dick Everett

Jon Farris

Judy Fay Kocher

Sharon Fink Duval

Mendy Fisher

Sally Frankel Stein

Carl Freese

Gayle Gabel Silverman

Sally Gaible Scavo

Albert Gerdsen

Jamilla "Jill" Gibson Bell

Rick Godar, Jr.

Jack Goffin

Joe Goldberg

Philip Gutin

Anna Harper Fisher

Edward Hattenbach

David Heiman

Martha Hendricks Moratschek

Robert Henke

Barb Hoffmann

Chip Hoffmann

Thom Hoffman

Clifford Huber

Terrence Huge

Jeannie Jackson Leninger

Nancy Kappler Krueger

Lucinda Jane Keller Balmos

Ron Kellerman

Howard Kemp

Kenneth Kile

Ruth Kimble Cammerer

Lowell King Bookman

Elliot Klayman

Irv Klayman

Jeff Kondritzer

Arthur Kuhn

Roy Kuhnell

Nancy Lee Pickens

James Leshner

Gregory Lester

Cheryl Lory Gapinski

Linda Lutz Talley

John Lyle

Ivan Marcus

Howard Mason

Judy Mattox Chasey

Roger Max

Judy McCarty Kuhn

Mary (Francy) McPherson Shea

Rachel Miller Jacobs

Kathy Moore Weimann

Kathleen Morgan Smith

Nina Morgan Asquith

Jane Nagy Koepke

Ida Norris Brown

Jean Oppenheimer Simmons

Stephen Peck

Marvin Polinsky

Ron Porges

Skip Pressler

Margaret Pugh Dawson

Robert Raab

Marilyn Reed Hoskins

Nena Reed Chudnof

Carl Rheins, Ph.D.

Howard Richshafer

Pete Rosenwald

Ron Roth

Art Safer

Gail Sander Zimmer

Mary Jane Sanders Bogart

Randy Sandler

Vicki Schepman Hendricks

John Schmarr

Julie Selman Rothenbush

Charles Shafer

Barbara Shale

Judy Shaw Edison

Sam Siegel

Barry Simon, D.D.S.

Howard Snyder

Marilyn Sollman Pobiak

Bill Spatta

Donna Steinriede Harvey

Vivian Stern Schwab

David Stoffregen

Sharon Stull Schatz

Barry Talley

Ann Tenbosch Asher

Cookie Thornton Brandt

Christine Tilford

Carol Tobin Neuman

Maureen Van Gelder Mason

Marlyn Vigran Weinstein

Sylvia Volkmar Hammer

Jeffrey Wacksman, M.D.

Jeff Wagner

Diane Wainer Moglen

Cherry Waite Lyle

Marian Waldman Orringer

Stephen Weinberg, M.D.

Skip Weiner

John R. Weise

David Wheeler

Sam White

Patti Yoelson Wise

Larry Zakem




Mr. John Anaple

Mrs. Betsy Bohlander Bazell

Mr. Paul Haverkos

Mr. Paul Kendrick